Classic dining room console.

Sometimes it's the little extras which crown a room and add a touch of luxury which really impresses visitors. As part of our day time collection, Andrea Fanfani offers a selection of fabulous console tables which will slip into almost any living room composition, providing storage space and a fine use of empty space.

Our console tables are works of pure art and passion - with their finely carved legs and ornate decorations. Made using techniques and tools which have changed little over the centuries, every table demonstrates the superiority of Italian furniture design

Any classic dining room console from Andrea Fanfani will be an elegant addition to your apartment, house or villa, and these tables are designed to harmonize with our similarly gorgeous mirrors, chairs and stools.

Using silvering and gilding techniques, our craftsmen can create items that will take your breath away every time you enter the room, and dazzle any house guests with their beauty. So if you need to turn a corner of your home into a haven of elegance, make a selection from our luxury handmade room console range.

Each table and arrangement has been carefully designed to blend Italian tradition with modern production, and these Italian handmade dining room console designs are the finest available anywhere in the world.