Classic chairs.

Relax in the most luxurious style imaginable with a selection from Andrea Fanfani's superb collection of classic chairs.

We specialize in allowing modern day customers to enjoy the beauty and quality of centuries of Italian artisanal craft. Our craft experts can create classic armchairs which provide modern day strength and durability, yet have the gorgeous appearance of royal furniture from the eighteenth century.

There are chairs for every room of the home. We can create delicately handmade smaller chairs for dressing rooms and bedrooms, but we can also produce comfortable and beautifully upholstered classic Italian chairs for the living room.

So, entertain party guests and relax with family members on the most visually appealing chairs possible, with the help of Andrea Fanfani's skilled artisan team. We can create sublimely gilded wooden designs, as well as chairs that are finely upholstered in leather, as well as couches and foot stools as well.

With our classic Italian armchairs, your imagination can run wild as you create your dream living room with the assistance of Italy's finest furniture designers.