Classic light fixtures.

Illuminate your rooms the most elegant way possible with a selection from Andrea Fanfani's exquisite collection of classic light fixtures.

All of these Italian light fixtures have been hand crafted, using age old techniques. Our specially trained artisans have mastered the skills that have made Italian furniture design the greatest in the world. From wood carving to metal work, painting, silvering and gilding, our craftsmen create miraculous items for anyone's home.

This wide ranging selection of chandeliers, wall lamps and free standing lamps will provide the right source of light for any room of the home. Place a luxury light fixture in your dining room to complement your dinner service, mirrors and artworks, or have handmade light fixtures in your bedroom to create a relaxed, timeless atmosphere.

Be transported to the height of the Renaissance and the palatial luxury of the elite with these superb items of household furniture. Whether you need to make your living room look exceptional for guests to enjoy, or you wish to furnish a holiday home to let, these luxury light fixtures will be ideal.