Classic paintings on canvas.

Art is a vital aspect of many interior designs, nourishing the soul with its harmonious beauty. No culture appreciates the value of art more than Italy, and the artisans at Andrea Fanfani are experts in creating dazzling art works to beautify your home.

Choose from a superb range of classic Italian paintings drawing inspiration from the wonders of Renaissance Florence, or the splendour of eighteenth century Venice. Many different subjects can be covered, from angels to city-scapes, flowers and the animal world, meaning that anybody's artistic tastes will be satisfied.

Our art collection is a superb way to add classic paintings on canvas to your home. However, we go beyond just the image itself. Our artisans are also skilled in carving extraordinary frames that provide a breath-taking setting for paintings. And we can create consoles and tables which complete the historical atmosphere that the paintings evoke.

For classic paintings on canvas Italian oil paintings are unrivalled, and we can deliver superb examples to meet all tastes and needs. Hang dazzling images in your dining room or bedroom to provide inspiration in the morning, and furnish your apartment with beauty so that both you and your guests can be delighted.