Classic bathroom furniture.

Any room in the home can be made luxurious and beautiful with Andrea Fanfani's range of handmade Italian furniture, and the bathroom is certainly no exception.

Our artisans use the accumulated knowledge and skills from centuries of Italian furniture design to produce sumptuous items like console sinks, mirrors and bathroom cabinets, allowing clients to fashion stunningly attractive bathroom arrangements.

Our selection of luxury bathroom furniture is not just visually stunning - it is also well made and practical. Our sinks and cabinets will perform admirably and create a breath-taking aesthetic impression, allowing you to bathe and wash in complete luxury.

If you are seeking to renovate your home, Italian luxury bathroom furniture provides the highest quality option available. We can offer complete suites of bathroom pieces - including everything you need to totally change the look and feel of your home. With everything being handmade by specialist artisans, for classic bathroom furniture Italy is the world leader, and we are one of the finest furniture making firms in Italy.

Equip your apartment or holiday villa with the best bathroom possible - impressing friends and family and conjuring up a magical environment that will feel like the peak of luxury. With Andrea Fanfani's collection of classic bathroom furniture, the lifestyle of the elite can become part of any home.