The story of Andrea Fanfani is the story of a man, of a company, and of a unique tradition. Andrea Fanfani, the founder of our firm, was a woodworker and furniture decorator who learned and honed his skills and expertise in the best-known workshops of Florence. His entrepreneurial spirit then led him to start his own business, and in 1973 he founded the company that bears his name. Over the years, Andrea was joined by his sons Marco and Roberto, and the company kept growing, coming to employ both highly qualified personnel and specialized outsourcers.Today,Andrea Fanfani is one of the Italy’s most prestigious brands of classic furniture, bringing the great Florentine tradition of fine taste around the world, to a sophisticated clientele that values beauty, in furnishings that are genuine works of art.

Andrea Fanfani has two plants in Ginestra Fiorentina, near Florence. It is in this area’s cultural and manufacturing tradition that the quality of its work is rooted. This is the source of its fine craftsmanship, artistic finishes, traditional techniques, and innovation, but also of the vibrant energy that helps the company keep growing and changing, while staying true to time-honored values.

The Andrea Fanfani product line is centered on its finishes, which are applied strictly by hand.The company is specialized in fourteenth- century Florentine style and eighteenth-century Venetian style. For these techniques it employs heated dies, rollers, agate stones, and traditional materials like plaster, shellac, and water-based paints.