Classic kitchen furniture.

Anyone's home can benefit from the quality and beauty provided by Italian luxury kitchen furniture, and Andrea Fanfani offers some of the most elegant furnishings that money can buy.

Italian furniture is legendary for the amount of care and attention that goes into its creation. Our artisans have been trained for years in painstaking techniques such as silvering and gilding, as well as the most intricate carpentry skills. Their effort and skill means that whatever your dreams, our designers can create the perfect kitchen.

Luxury kitchen furniture could include an elegant work-top, or cupboards inlaid with beautiful painted designs. Have drawers with finely gilded edges and a table made by the finest craftsmen Italy has to offer.

For luxury kitchen furniture Italy is the world leader. Whether you desire a traditional, minimalist look which evokes rustic Italian kitchens, or if you want to cook in Renaissance splendour, our furniture will allow you to create the ideal interior.

Andrea Fanfani can equip town houses, villas and apartments so that they are spaces of pure luxury and comfort. To impress guests and live in style, our classic kitchen furniture will be an ideal investment.