N.B. Hard stone types and marble are natural elements and may thus vary in colour and markings.
ANDREA FANFANI reserves the right to make modifications to the materials, coatings, finishes and designs of the products presented in this catalog without prior warning.
The textures and colors of the materials and finishes are purely an indication as they may differ slightly due to the printing processes.

Marbles italian.

When you think about marbles Italian quality always comes to mind. For thousands of years, Italian marble has been used to create beautiful temples, churches and palaces. Now, courtesy of interior design experts Andrea Fanfani, you can have furnishings made from the finest marbles Italy can produce.

We offer a stunning range of marbles, with different colour tones and textures, allowing to harmonize them seamlessly with your existing furnishings. Choose a richly coloured blue marble sideboard to sit beneath a painting, or a sturdy marble worktop for the kitchen.

When working with fine marbles Italian craftsmen are the finest in the world. Our artisans have accumulated years of experience honing their art and carving marble into gorgeously intricate shapes. Allow them to conjure up magical bathroom units and sinks that can be decorated with gilding to create extraordinarily luxurious effects.

There are marbles for all tastes, from deep brown Verona varieties to green Verde Guatemala and deep blue Sodalite. All of them can be turned into items that you will treasure and adore, so enhance your home's interior with a choice of the finest marbles Italy has to offer from Andrea Fanfani.