Night toilet furniture.

Prepare for parties or nights at the theatre in opulence and luxury with a selection from Andrea Fanfani's unsurpassed range of dressing tables and other items of luxury night toilet furniture.

We offer a collection of superbly chosen pieces that will provide everything you need to prepare, from stools to mirrors and cabinets - all of them hand-crafted by some of Italy's finest artisans.

Italy is home to the world's finest luxury furniture manufacturers, and Andrea Fanfani is pre-eminent among them. Our craftsmen are adept at silvering and gilding, as wall as age-old carpentry techniques which allow us to offer some of the most attractive and well-made furniture available.

Our selection of night toilet furniture can transport you into the palaces of Renaissance princesses - or the manor houses of the baroque era. Finish your hair and make-up using finely gilded mirrors and taste the luxury that once only royal families could afford.

With the handmade night toilet furniture produced by our artisans, apartments and homes can resemble the palaces of the past. So match your dreams to reality with some of the finest furniture in the world.