Night composition furniture.

The night compositions selection from Andrea Fanfani represents the ultimate in bedroom luxury.

Featuring handmade, delicately carved beds, gorgeous mirrors, spacious wardrobes and vital extras like foot stools and bedside tables, this range of night composition furniture allows you to explore the glorious history of Italian furniture making.

The artisans at Andrea Fanfani seek to carry on centuries of hand-carving, gilding and painting, and work with many of the tools that their ancestors would have used six hundred years ago. Using the highest quality materials and with unrivalled skill, our artisans can create beautiful items of bedroom furniture that will transport you into a time of luxury.

Create boudoirs that replicate the sleeping chambers of princesses with our selection of luxury night composition furniture. You can choose to add extras like dazzling chandeliers, as many chairs as you require, and all of the storage space you will need.

Our selection of bedroom furniture aims to allow modern day home owners to experience the luxury that once only rulers could afford. Let the skills and creativity of Italy's finest artisans make your home into a palace with the help of Andrea Fanfani.