The value of a handmade product

Handmade italian luxury furniture.

Nothing can compare to the appearance and quality of handmade furniture, and nobody knows this more than the artisans at Andrea Fanfani, who have been creating gorgeous items of Italian furniture since 1973.

We are committed to designing and hand-building the finest examples of Italian furniture - from chair and tables to sideboards and mirrors. With our help, home owners can craft beautiful interiors which possess the elegance of a Renaissance palace.

Choose from interior selections that are intended for daytime use - with dining room and kitchen furnishings that are decorated with sumptuous fabrics and stunning painted designs. Or choose from our night-time collection - with luxurious bedroom and wardrobe designs that will make your dreams come true.

The designers at Andrea Fanfani work with traditional Italian materials and techniques such as gilding and silvering. And we have kept skills alive that other firms have left to die out - such as the astonishingly beautiful gouache gilding technique.

With our team of artisans, we can create interiors that are enhanced by the quality of Italian handmade furniture. Relax in the height of style and dazzle your visitors with the sensuous beauty of the handmade Italian luxury furniture available from Andrea Fanfani.