Andrea Fanfani


Andrea Fanfani create the finest examples of luxury Italian furniture, providing the ultimate in harmony, comfort and beauty.

We craft furniture for every room of the house. Whether you need an elegant dining table, an ornate sideboard for your bathroom, or gorgeous kitchen cabinets, our artisans can design and build the furnishings that you need.

We offer a huge range of products, all of them inspired by the dazzling heritage of Italian furniture design. Some of our designs look back to the treasures of the Italian Renaissance - with elaborate and unique decoration. Others take their cue from the genius of the eighteenth century, with Rococo touches like gilt details and sumptuous hand-carved wooden forms.

Our products can be customized to suit your dreams and tastes. Select from a range of finishes and a stunning collection of luxury fabrics as well as the finest grades of marble available. And all of our products are hand-made to the highest standards.

Choosing classic Italian furniture will allow you to add class and beauty to any interior. Whether you are furnishing a first apartment, or adorning a holiday home, our selection of furnishings will provide the elegance that you require.